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my art project from 2016-2018:the Time-out-art-camp

now: "the garden of life lodge" in the shimba hills, south coast

The artistic concept of the lodge was conceived and implemented by Alexandra Benesch from 2016 to 2018.

garden-of-life, lounge area, Kenya South Coast
garden-of-life, lounge area, Kenya South Coast

The "Garden on Life" Lodge (formerly time-out-art-camp) is located in a 20,000 square meter tropical garden on the south coast of Kenya, in Matuga (towards Shimba Hills), approx. 20 minutes. from the Indian Ocean.
Matuga is a small African village - away from the Tousrimus, with many laughing and friendly locals.
Our park houses over 500 fruit trees, palm trees, tropical plants, a permaculture plantation, thousands of butterflies, tropical birds, monkeys, bush babies and much more.
The facility also consists of a lodge with a saltwater pool, an owner's house, a campsite, a large studio, therapy room and a workshop.


Time-Out Art-Camp


P.O. Box 55

Plot 1090

80406 Matuga, Shimba Hills, Kwale

South Coast



Telephone: +254 719 84 94 74