"ART is the most intense mode of individualism

that the world has known”  - Oscar Wilde


"21  - completion" Alexandra Benesch
"21 - completion" Alexandra Benesch

The formless space, which we can not recognise with our knowledge,but only intuitively feel and recognize,

offers countless possibilities for the form.

Nature fulfills this task from the formless space to create what we call "living".

Man developed the capacity of conscious creation to create form out of formless space, but these possibilities are limited.

The restriction opens to the extent that we release more and more of our ego and open ourselves to the greatness that lies in creation.

Only this unconditional love for creation releases this gift.

If this love penetrates us, then the gift is freedom.

Freedom to be creatively creative at all levels of being.

Recognising creativity as a game of creation, playing with it and honoring it. Blessed.

Alexandra Benesch