artist & "sufi nomad of art & healing"

Alexandra Benesch
Alexandra Benesch

Being creative has been my passion since my early youth:

if it is painting, create sculptures,  my spiritual way, 

or playing like a child with all what is...

I have a deep compassion and love for all beings, which you can see in all my artworks.

My art is playing, to fill my own heart and that of others with joy. 

I invite you to play around to explore my artworks with the eyes of a child.

the colorful restaurant of the time-out-art-camp
the colorful restaurant of the time-out-art-camp

Originally, I come from Austria, but my heart is burning for the African continent, here I feel home.


In 2012 I discovered a part of this continent and I decided to live in Africa and stay.


Now I am in Kenya where I can enjoy a wide panel of colors, nature, climate and, people...

One of my ART Projekt, the "time-out-art-camp" in the Shimba Hills (2016-2018) at the South Coast in Kenya has been sold and I moved forward to new projects.

the "time-out-art-camp":



Since 2019 I moved forward to other places in Kenya to fullfill my life-tasks like a "sufi nomad of art & healing".

I offer "art feeds soul" workshops and I am a sound-healer with Tibetan singing bowls and Gongs.

If you want to discover my artistc background, please klick here: my background