the community: ART-Flickwerk

my background 1991-2006

the art flickwerk community            Alexandra, Majo, Sigrid 1991-2004

In 1988 the artist group "Flickwerk" was founded by Maximilian MAJO, Alexandra Benesch and Sigrid Koller in Austria with the intention of creating art and living together.
In 1991, the three of them bought an old beautiful castle in Carinthia (Austria), which they renovated and from then on the castle served as an art community house, artstudio, workshop and living space.


They created together sculptures, named "Flickwerk" (patchwork) and each of them started also their own art career, as painter, sculptor, grafic designer and gallery owner.

In 2003, MAJO and Alexandra embarked on a great adventure and art journey to the Mediterranean Sea with their newly renovated art yacht, the Mary Ann X. They did a lot of art-events around the mediterranean habours in Spain, France and Monaco.

After the death of Sigrid Koller and MAJO in 2006, Alexandra Benesch continued to devote herself to art. She lives and works mostly in Kenya.

the beautiful "art castle" in Austria

the "art yacht"

the ART-Yacht - Mary Ann
the ART-Yacht - Mary Ann

In 2003 we renovated an old classic "Grand Banks" and brought her from the Baltic Sea across the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht served us as a summer residence, artstudio and artgallery.




art & marketing - sculptures, tv spots

2001 - 2006 collaboration between Maximilian Majo and the Starzinger Beverage LTD Group in Austria.

Idea and realization of the new CI for Schartner Bombe - the bull "Pedro"

Construction of the bull Pedro in 3 x 3 m as a template for production for reproduction.
Majo had the idea and was also responsible for the implementation of the new advertising line including logo, printed matter, radio spots and the production of 3 TV spots with the bull Pedro.