ART Works Alexandra Benesch

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About my creative work


For example, when I start to paint a picture, it's like love. There is a spark, something touches my heart. Then I start to sketch it. Then paint on the canvas. Or I usually start with the color first, bring layers to the canvas, that's even more intuitive. It's all very simple, the more the shape is formed, the more I have to ask - to let myself in, "what do this being, this something that comes from here, need?"

A deep turquoise, a red dot? What story is behind you? What scares you? What delights you? Who do you want as a partner in the picture? What else do you need..?


Then usually something completely different comes to light, as I imagine.

The onion opens its first bowls .. behind it seems to be something hidden to the surface. It takes a while for the mystery to come out, I often have to put the picture away and start something else ... because it's too much in my head but it wants to show it's "own" life.


At some point it opens in all its tenderness, wildness and beauty. Then it's good. Then I have to say good by to it, so that someone else can explore it.


A portrait is the biggest challenge, but I love it. To find the "Essence" of man. To bring out his soul, the laughter or the hidden sadness. The whole thing - the heights and the depths in the face .. The embossing, gently remove the mask and bring out the real beauty. I have to stay as intuitive as possible, then it's alive. If that succeeds, the creation will be happy.


Then there are times when I only land at one point, because the shape disappears. Just some humans understands that anymore ... except perhaps a "Zenmaster"..