Artist, journalist, philosopher

1948 born as a creative spirit in Austria, the artist Maximilian MAJO acquired
with his "poetic picture stories" all over the world sympathies of art collectors and friends of the fine arts.

MAJO once said of himself:

“I tell my canvases a story, a wish, a contradiction, an attitude to life, a
wisdom, a profound knowledge, a piece of my spiritual and lived life, a beautiful life. "

MAJO spoke in his pictures of love, passion, anger, pride, past, of freedom, future and the universe. Reasons why each picture is a self-contained one
cycle. It's not the technology that maked him inspired, it was the philosophy, the statements of life, that challenged him.


MAJO was a storyteller, a writer using paint and canvas as his medium.

He itself lived, paradoxically, emotionally excessively, like rationally passionate and painted pictures of who knew him, could have been expected of anyone else, just not him.

He went through life as a loud ghost and rumbled through the life and spirit of his friends. But also he was an excellent analyst and, with his fine humor, was able to poke fun at society in a loving way through his paintings,

In 2006 in the age of 58 MAjo past away of cancer, but his works live on!