"ART FEEDS SOUL" retreats

INNOCENCE, 2019, Alexandra Benesch, 70x100 cm, acrylic on canvas
INNOCENCE, 2019, Alexandra Benesch, 70x100 cm, acrylic on canvas



draw strength

- with meditation

- dancing

- making a mass on the  

  canvas and a lot of fun...


due to covid there is no workshop at the moment

The workshop will take place from 4 participants attending and is limited to a maximum of 12 persons.



"Do not ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you alive, and go and do that, because what the world needs are people who have come to life. "- Howard Thurman (author and philosopher, 1900-1981)


"There are no mistakes"

Everything is possible in the world of creativity, there are no mistakes. Often we are afraid of doing something wrong in our lives, it keeps us from going on, or starting something new.


"Be brave"

The creative process in our ART FEEDS SOUL workshop with fingers, rollers, spatulas, cloths ... bringing color to the canvas is a bold step to release this fear. Every splash of color is a choice and the braver we get, the happier the next step will be.


"Intuition" - the turning to oneself

There is no "wrong" in giving our guts a chance to express their intuition without evaluating this and the next brushstroke. This pausing in life and asking his body for advice on how it feels about itself right now is a "turn to itself". Because our body, our soul, our intuition know best what is good for us.


Stay in motion

.. we stay in motion. We either listen to our own inspirational music with headphones or listen to the rhythm of the music in the studio. When we feel like it, we dance in front of the screen and let our fingers dance across the screen with their eyes closed. Here, too, everything stays without evaluation, we stay completely with us, as if only we were in the room with our music.


"not perfect"

How many times in life do we try to be perfect ... In a world where the job profile requirement is formulated as if you were a state president, we often do not feel well enough. But the more we strive for perfection, the more the spontaneity in life suffers.


"To be spontaneous"

And spontaneity means feeling alive. In the ART FEEDS SOUL workshops, we consciously try to "not be perfect" but rely on our spontaneity, we leave the idea of having to paint something attractive or beautiful.


„Breathing" - honoring your body

Through breathing and mindfulness meditations, we get a warm and loving feeling for ourselves over time. Among other things, we discover our feet and send a friendly "hello" to our hearts, so we come closer and closer to ourselves step by step.


"play on the canvas"

The ART FEEDS SOUL Workshop includes i.a. Material science, how to mix colors, without being "mushy", how to make your fingers, rags or spatulas dance across the screen, how to put your favorite words on the picture, or how fun it is to put a stamp on the canvas .. We play with lines, shapes, different brushstrokes and contrasts. We paint and paint, we compose and destroy. We let go and start creating.


"Feel" - what do I need?

After applying some layers of paint to the canvas, we step back and ask our intuition - what do I feel here, does it still need a circle, a flower, something red? What is good now? I accompany my workshop participants step by step to more freedom, spontaneity and the arrival to themselves.



art supplies:

art supplies are included in the workshop price:

Easels, brushes, rags, plastic stencils, sponges, material for making stamps, natural materials, paper rolls, water sprayers, letter stencils, frames for covering canvas, paint containers, color palettes


not included:

Your bring your own art supplies, OR buy at the workshop:


1. primed canvases 90 x 90 cm (35,4 x 35,4 inches)

can be bought on site or for example in the textbook center in Nairobi.

We paint in the format minimum size: 90 x 90 cm, each participant should have at least 2-4 (depending on the workshop length) canvases available, because the color also requires a drying time and we switch between the pictures.

2. Colors: acrylic paints,

Basic colors: white, black, red, blue and yellow, the more the better!

also if you like: pigments, oil crayons, pastel crayons

buying at the workshop: we use "Crown Silk acrylic colors", the color quality has “studio quality”.

3. for sketches: chalk, black charcoal pen

4. Structural spatula, palette knife, silicone brush, useful helpers ... if you want to take your own "helpers" with you (some is available on site)

5. Clothing: You can get dirty! Old shirts, aprons, shorts, flip-flops recommended. If you are prone to allergies, I would recommend thin latex gloves, otherwise you can simply apply cream to your hands before painting, then the paint is easier to wash off and does not penetrate the skin.

6. Music: Everyone has their own preferences, preferably with earplugs, so that we don't upset our workshop colleagues ...


I would be happy to discuss the details with you by email or personally.



for participants from abroad (Germany, Austria, Swizzerland

can also be taken as a roll of canvas in hand luggage. Recommended size e.g.

a roll of 1 m wide, 10 m long (for example from: www.paintersisters-neuss.de)

At the end of your workshop we take your canvas off the frame again and you can safely transport your pictures rolled up in your hand luggage.